Giant at Heart
I really have to stop turning the game on late.

I missed Brett hit his home run!!! I can’t believe it.

I’ve hated the D-backs

Since 2001, when they won the series. They had better not get another chance to do that.


I knew the Giants couldn’t keep a one-run lead for long…time to take this game back!

I’m so glad Torres is back

I missed him so very much. :)

He saw THAT one well

Beltran is moving this game forwards!


We are kicking some Arizona ass - and they are FEELING it! Upton getting himself kicked out of the ball game just shows how much cooler the Giants are as a team. We are 6 games BEHIND them and they are acting like this?? Well, now it’s time to win the game, boys. :)

What a cry baby

Get over it Upton. Sheesh. Do you know how many bad calls the Giants have had to deal with ALL SEASON???

Just my luck

I turned the game on about 15 minutes late thinking, “there’s no way anything has happened yet.” Of course I miss Cody’s home run. FML.

Way to make him work

Let’s just keep fouling them off Mr. Giraffe. 



Am I the only Giants fan who doesn’t call the Diamondback the “D-Bags”? I just feel like it’s disrespectful. I don’t hate them. They’re playing good baseball. They deserve first place right now, we don’t. End of discussion. 

I think we just proved it.